Charity Ball

On the 11th April 2014, Wakefield District Health and Community Support held a Charity Ball at The Cedar Court Hotel, in aid of Wakefield Hospice and CoActive. Our Creative Dance Group was invited to perform at this.


In preparation for the performance, during rehearsals Mel showed us some footage of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. We liked the way the dances brought out their personalities and playfulness. We were familiar with some of the techniques such as mirroring, but we had never tried that dancing style before. We spent time coming up some moves of our own and Mel put it together to make the final piece. We had to dress up smart in bow ties and cummerbunds for the men and 1930’s style dresses for the ladies.


Here are some of the things our group members said about the performance:
‘It brought me out. It brought me happiness. I danced with Anne and it went fantastic. I was very emotional. I never done anything like that before in my life.’
‘My Mum enjoyed it. She was proud. She stood up to see me. I came on stage.’
I was nervous at first, but I knew I had to do it because there were all those people in front of you.’


We were all very happy to get such a warm reaction from everyone at the Ball. People were on their feet cheering and clapping and some were even in tears. We are very grateful to Wakefield District Health and Community Support and to The Cedar Court Hotel for putting on such a fantastic event. We are also grateful to to the people that came to the event and supported us. They even raised over £4000 for us and £4000 for The Wakefield Hospice!



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