Grand Depart

Public Outdoor PerformanceWith the opportunity to perform at community events to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire in 2014, our Creative Dance and Drama groups took on a different approach to performing. Our participants have varying degrees of learning difficulty and in our Dance and Drama sessions we experience some wonderful times through interacting with uniquely creative, authentic individuals. A stage creates a distance from the audience but we wanted to create something where we could interact and that would be site specific.

Public Outdoor PerformanceOur Creative Dance Group looked at dance as a game, especially because The Tour De France is a competition. We looked at ways in which everyone achieving a certain movement or action could trigger the next part of the dance. We looked at being attentive to others around and moving in solo, cannon, and unison. Together as a group we devised a dance to take and perform, that could work with inviting audience members to join us in a co-operative dance

Public Outdoor PerformanceIn Drama we concentrated on the strengths of our group members in creating performance stations that audience members could visit and interact with. Different group members took a lead on each station which over two performances included a game of catch, an emotion telephone, a lemonade stand, an adapted bicycle race, and a place to pose with props.

CoActive Public Dance Drama Event, WakefieldOur first performance was during the Artwalk at Wakefield One in May. Our second performance involved just the Creative Dancers taking a slot at The Ability Celebration Day organised by Total Voice Advocacy. Our third performance was on a warm sunny day in September as part of the Get Wakefield Moving Event in Wakefield. A cycle track was created around Wakefield City Centre and different groups performed or held workshops. Through these events we created a strong partnership with Wakefield Djembe Circle.

Public Outdoor PerformanceSome written feedback:
#Imaginative and fun and some beautiful movement. Thank you all #Would love to see something again very soon! #A very fun and entertaining event and a jolly atmosphere. Interactive and inclusive. Loved it! #Brought lots of colour and laughter to an otherwise grey rainy evening. Brilliant thank you. #Fresh air, rhythmic music surrounded by friends all doing their own thing to express themselves. What more can anyone ask from a committed caring group of people? #Enjoyed watching the group perform. Interaction between all was lovely to see. #Wonderful rhythms. Joyful atmosphere. Sense of freedom. #Fab Fab Fab. CoActive bring out the best in everyone whatever their ability! Keep up the fantastic work you selfless people.

Public Outdoor Performance

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